Monday, January 5, 2009

Moms Say The Darnest Things

She Make The People Say Yeeeaaahhh

Mom: Let me see the Christmas pictures
Me: Ok, let me upload my pictures first
*Makes an album named "she make the people say yeeeaahhh" while listening to tpain and singing along*
Me: (sings along) "she make the people say yeeeeaaah"
Mom: Who? Who make the people say yeah?

Mom Has A Boyfriend...ok?!
Chris calls cell phone
Me: Hey Mom say Hi to Chris!
Mom: Hi...... (then pushes phone away)
Chris: Ask your mom why she's trying to play hard to get
Mom: Tell him to stop it I have a BOYFRIEND now... your DADDY!

She Make Me Feel So Goooood
T-Pain - Can't Believe it: "she make me feel so goooood"
Mom: (copies) gooooodddd
Mom: who feels good?

Mom: I'm going to give mnomply to marcus for his birthday
Me: Monopoly?
Mom: yeah mnonmoply, how do you say it?
Me: Mon like Monday op oh lee
Mom: Monopoly
Me: yes, where did you get monopoly?
Mom: the free one you got from UT
Me: When did I get free monopoly from UT?..
Mom: *makes circles around her eyes* you said you got it for free
Me: Binoculars?!
Mom: yeah bimopoly

You're Gay!
Me: mommy, you're so gay
Mommy: No... you're gay
Me: your mom
Mommy: No... YOUR MOM!
Me: ...

BONUS: Darnest things Daddys say

So since I've been home for an entire week instead of calling my dad "daddy" I've just been calling him man. sooo one day...

Mom: Ask your daddy first
Me: Hey man! Can I go ?????
Daddy: Man Man what. its DADDY.... MAN!

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