Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home Sweet Austin

I'm back in Austin! Hurrah! It's a weird feeling coming back to Austin. You would think that after attending college for 3 years I would adapt to this feeling. However, every single time I go back and forth between Austin and Houston it takes a little adjusting. I get use to one place and forget what its like to be at the other. I'm glad to be back in Austin and as much as I love Houston, being in Austin is a constant reminder of why I'm better off going to college in a different city. Whenever I'm in Houston, I always feel so lazy and have no initiative. The first day back to Austin, I've done the dishes twice, cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed my room, washed my sheets, and made my bed... which is more than I've done in Houston the entire month.

Anyway so with the help of my cousin Stella, my roomate Alice and I have been exploring yelp to find things to do in Austin. One day, we went to eat dinner with Stella and Phi (who are A&M alumni) were talking about things to do in Austin. Stella and Phi often go to Austin (since they were college students) to do things and were asking us if we've been. To our shock and horror, we've never heard of any of the places that they listed and we've LIVED in Austin for 3 years. Therefore, we got on yelp and will be exploring highly rated places in Austin to expand our Austin lifestyle and local flavor knowledge.

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