Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Dilemma

Only in Texas will it be in the middle of winter and the daily average temperature is in the mid to 70's. Check it: it's 79 degrees right now and we have the AC on.

I was thinking over the past few days about "being good." It takes so much discipline and energy to be good. It's so easy to just be careless and submit to temptations. One of the biggest things that come to my mind is: food. Why is it that it's so easy to gain weight and so freaking hard to lose it? To lose weight you need to eat well and exercise daily (discipline and energy!!). But it's easy to just be careless and fall into the temptations of delicious food that is bad for you such as ice cream and desserts. Why does hot wings, french fries, chocolate cake, and ice cream have to be so bad for you? Everytime I pass by a case full of desserts its as if they are screaming "Erica... eat me!!" and my mouth starts to water. Then when I pass by a treadmill I lose energy and want to go to sleep.

So my friend recently told me about this berry that tricks your taste buds. Apparently the juices numb your sour receptors for a few hours and everything you taste thereafter tastes sweet. They have "flavor-tripping" parties where each guests consumes a berry and tries an array of different foods and share what they taste. Lemons taste like candy and tobasco sauce tastes like doughnut glaze. Maybe this berry can help my eating habits... haha! Here's a link to the article:

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