Friday, December 5, 2008

You want thingamabobs? I've got twenty! But who cares? No big deal. I want more

It's in human nature to be unsatisfied. We are always wanting more or wanting what we can't have. Even something as simple as hair proves as an example. Girls often want their hair to be longer or shorter. Girls with curly hair straighten their hair and girls with straight hair curl their hair. Brunettes want to be blondes, red-heads want to be brunettes, people with darker hair want lighter hair, and if you are aZn you might want to be blond too. (Or if you are Little Mermaid, you want feet). Being unsatisfied is the reason why people even make new year's resolutions. There's always something they are unsatisfied with and wanting to change or improve...especially when it comes to love.

When people develop interest or "crushes" its like a gamble. Crushes are a nice feeling and seeing that someone makes you feel all giggly inside. There's nothing tainted about a crush, you don't really know the person enough to "like" them. Usually, crushes have limited interaction, therefore you can admire from a distance and since you aren't aware of their flaws, they can be "perfect" in your least for now. To quantify this, let's say a crush is worth $500 crush dollars. You get to enjoy this happy feeling thats relatively innocent and simple. Now, what you do about it is a risk and a gamble. There is potential to make so much more and the potential to lose everything. Some people win big ($1000 crush dollars!) and go on dating for x amount of years, fall in love ($10000 crush dollars!), and then can still lose it all. You can share your feelings and find out that person doesn't feel the same and you come out with nothing ($0 crush dollars). So you can stay content with the $500 but people tend to always want more. Greed is a risky thing. Except, in this gamble of love/life, there is more to lose than money - there's pride.

How much is it worth? and how much are you willing to spend?

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Anonymous said...

I really like how you just recently created this and I happen to bring up the subject. I think it's fate. :P hehe.