Saturday, December 6, 2008

Committed to Fitness

Why is it that things sound so good in your mind but so difficult to execute? During Thanksgiving, I was looking through my old high school photos and the amount of weight gain due to college hit me. So in my mind, I made an awesome workout program. I was really intent on sticking to this great workout regime I made for myself.

In theory... it goes a little something like this:
Run in the morning get on the Special K diet and then try to run again at night

So I was ready to go. So set I was giving pep talks to myself in the mirror. Bye bye freshman 15! But....

In reality, this is how it went down:
Ran on Monday night, convinced myself McDonald's once a week isn't THAT bad for you, snacked a bit, was so sore from working out that I've skipped the gym for 4 days.

So ladies and gentleman the results of my workout master plan? Sore legs, walking down the stairs like a cripple, and no weight loss.. :[

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